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Ambre Olsen, MD

Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, expectant moms, and new parents

My Approach

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When people feel caught in reoccurring patterns that impede experiencing pleasure and success in their lives, relationships, and work, chances are the roots of their difficulties go deeper than ordinary awareness.

Rather than working from the outside in, using an intellectual approach to change or correct problematic behaviors, I focus on the internal world, the unconscious feelings and thoughts, memories and dreams that form the basis of these painful, stubbornly persistent, and frustrating patterns.

Together we work on developing a greater capacity to bear difficult truths that supports integration and thinking about new and better ways of dealing with difficulties that were once overpowering.

In this process of lived experience, I find people are best able to make the lasting changes needed for greater joy and freedom in life and in love.

The experience of being deeply understood will change who you think you are and how you are in the world.

My psychotherapy approach is grounded in the British School of Object Relations with its keen appreciation of infancy and early relationships, which in conjunction with temperament, form the floor and unconscious basis of adult experiences. My thinking and way of working is also informed by careful study of contemporary neuroscience, mental and emotional development, attachment theory, and my own experience.

For those who would benefit from the addition of medication to our psychotherapeutic work, I can evaluate people for new prescriptions, as well as provide refills for existing prescriptions that are working well.

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